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The Concept

Some thoughts can only be expressed with Kitten Mittons. Or Rum Ham. Or worms carrying a vampiric virus powerful enough to take over the world! The new FX Emoji app lets you express yourself FX style using iconic images from your favorite FX and FXX shows including It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Archer, The Strain, Man Seeking Woman and Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll. We hope your friends are ready for a steady dose of Fight Milk, killer condoms, and dolphin puppets because these emojis will send your text conversations into the DANGER ZONE!
In addition to the dozens of emojis in the current library, we’re constantly creating new, fun emoji keyboards inspired by the latest seasons of FX and FXX’s original series.

The Challenge

  • 3-week tight deadline
  • Marketing campaign schedule matched with timely deliverables

The Solution

  • Android App
  • Utilize existing Facebook traffic (270,000 likes)

The Result - ROI

  • Over 750,000 likes since DVD release
  • Scalable Cloud infrastructure withstands millions of unique visits


Features Gallery

Put Your Face in the movie poster app.

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  • Image

  • Image
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Contact Us

  • 5 Team Members
  • 12 Days to Make it
  • 132 Coffee Consumed
  • 750000 Facebook Likes




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